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Volker Cabernet Grapevines Charging Station / Dock - 100% Recycled! 111922-26

Volker Cabernet Grapevines Charging Station / Dock - 100% Recycled! 111922-26

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RARE and Extremely Limited Edition! I only have maybe 4 of these amazing vines and that's it. Each one unique and one of a kind and when I'm out, that's it.

I'm proud to be the only artist in the world making these and I can tell you why, its a major pain in the rear!

These amazing pieces of California's wine history are online for the first time ever.

This is a cutoff piece for a custom table I built for the winery owners private home out of the vines their grandfather planted in the 20's one of my huge Volker Cabernet grapevines and its so beautiful just by itself I couldn't let it go to waste.

HISTORY - The four hundred acre estate was originally part of the “Rancho Catacula” land grant, given to Joseph Ballinger Chiles in 1843 by the last Mexican governor of California. The Chiles family later sold a portion of their land to Francis Sievers, a German pioneer. In the 1870’s, Sievers founded Lomita’s Vineyard and Winery on the site. The original winery building, some of the tanks, and the original press still remain on the Estate. The oldest cabernet vines were planted by the Eisele’s in 1976 and continue to yield fruit of superb quality.

Unfortunately the Glass fire in Napa in 2020 burned more than 67,000 acres, destroying more than 1,500 structures, including part of the Volker Estate which is how I came by these amazing vines. Our friends at the winery arranged to salvage these and preserve them for future generations.

On a side note, please stop by the winery! They are SO nice and their wines are among our favorites of all time. You can also see the sister vines that survived the fire and see exactly where this vine came from.

Small enough to fit into any space and its perfect for a wine cellar or on top of the Mantle to remind you of your trip to California's premiere wine country. What better way to celebrate than having a vine that produced the wine you enjoy?

You can see the black marks on the vine from the fire even after repeated sanding's.

A word on strength, grapevine is 4x harder than oak and these are super solid.

This perfectly cradles your iPhone, iPad, Android, Tablet, or Kindle. I tested a LOT of devices to find the perfect aperture.

This vine has been dried for 2 years, then kiln dried, drilled through, and routed for an iPhone charger, the biggest so the rest of the charging cords fit fine, believe me, we tested a LOT of chargers and phones. I then sanded and sealed it with 3 coats of a clear UV sealer to protect it for a lifetime of use.

I flattened the bottom so its perfectly level then made sure there was a channel for the cord so it wont rock.

Compact enough to squeeze into the smallest of tables, this beautiful phone dock is made here in wine country, with the common sense that only comes from living and working with wine.

Use it to display your device while charging it at the same time.

Each of these charging docks are one of a kind. The one pictured is the one you will receive.

INCLUDES: (1) charging station, pictured, plus extra goodies from the shop, my treat!

DIMENSIONS: Approx. 3.5" Tall x 6" Wide x 5" Deep **Device and/or power cord NOT included**

MATERIALS: Retired California grapevine.

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All our products are carefully handmade using 100% recycled materials. They are individually handcrafted, one of a kind creations, and not factory manufactured. It is therefore quite difficult to make identical items. Our attentive artisans make every effort to create only the best from materials with natural variations that should not be misconstrued as flaws. These make each piece of a handmade product charming and unique. The vine pictured is the one you will receive, its awesome!!!

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