Michael Weiss - owner / designer / artist

Michael Weiss crafts unique wine barrel furniture pieces, retired wine vine decor, wine barrel cellars, and custom woodworking projects all with a staunch attention to detail.

Drawing inspiration from his time with the Walt Disney Company, and his original design company which focused on custom wine cellars, "bulletproof" bars, and exotic theme rooms.

Michael began developing his unique vision and skills nearly 40 years ago when his mother, a professional woodworker, fostered his interest in fine craftsmanship, art, and functional design.

Lance - woodwork, laser engraveing, creative design

Lance is an expert wookdworking craftsman with 40 + years of experince.

Along with an eye for three dimensional design, he's also a master illustrator.

Jess - artist/maker/shop manager

Jess is one of our youngest and also one of our most experienced.

She's a sponge for knowledge and you might find her wiring up your chandelier one day and packing it up for shipping the next.

As shop manager, she also often picks out gifts for each customers order.

Brandon - welding

Brandon began his artistic career at Beyond Barrel Art while still in high school.

Eight years later and he's an expert welder who also designs unique, custom art.

Corbin - woodwork and more

Cesar - shophand

Ryan - shipping / shophand

Blake - electrical

One of the newest memebers of the Beyond Barrel Art Crew, Blake has a knack for all things electrical.

You can find her wiring up all our UL certified lights when she's not studying for her degree in electrical engineering.

Shop Dogs & Cats - love department

Everyone at Beyond Barrel Art is an animal lover and beliver in animal and pet rescue.

We regularly donte to local animal shelters and rescue groups. And all of the shop dogs and cats you see running around are all rescued by us.