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   Small Shop, Large Hearts.

   Beyond Barrel Art specializes in designing and manufacturing customized furniture and home décor using sourced materials including century-old grapevines, retired wine barrels, and additional up-cycled winemaking remnants. For Michael, nothing is more important than ensuring that every single piece his team designs and fabricates are exquisitely built works of art!

Michael Weiss - Owner - Wine Country Craftsman

Michael Weiss - Owner / Designer / Artist / Creative Madman
The proud owner and operator of Beyond Barrel Art, Michael Weiss crafts unique wine barrel furniture pieces, retired wine vine decor, wine barrel cellars, and custom woodworking projects all with a staunch attention to detail. Drawing inspiration from his time with the Walt Disney Company, and his original design company which focused on custom wine cellars, "bulletproof" bars, and exotic theme rooms. Michael began developing his unique vision and skills early on in life when his mother, a professional woodworker, fostered his interest in fine craftsmanship, art, and functional design.
His Own Words...
Being a full time artist is a whole lot of fun!
A few years ago, I started my little company out of my garage, I had no idea what I was doing. Struggling for space, I just wanted to design and build fun items after a lifetime of designing and building for others. So, I finally made the jump to becoming artist and never looked back.
When I opened my very first shop, it was just my dog and I spending every waking minute of every day together. I did everything from creating art, organizing the shop, and writing emails, to scrubbing the toilet and sweeping up endless amounts of dirt and dust. As demand for my art increased, I found other talented artists who actually share in my vision. From there, I began surrounding myself with fun, positive people and dogs to create world-class art and designs.
My shop is located in the heart of wine country and truly is a one of a kind place. Everything we create is made to order, so it’s the perfect fit for your home or business and we are proud to be 100% green and made in the USA. So, if you’re ready to see everything that we have to offer, come on over to see what we’re all about!


Lance - Woodworker, Laser Engraver, All Around Badass
Lance is a funny guy – always has been and he always will be. He’s one of our skilled woodworkers and he’s also pretty handy with a laser – go figure! His hobbies include illustration, photography, astronomy, cooking, reading, motorcycles, more reading, questionable internet searches, deleting browser history, and occasional delusions of grandeur. Mountains always beat the beach for Lance, and books always stand tall over movies. 


Jess - Maker / Artist
Jess is one of our youngest and also one of our most experienced. She kicks ass at everything and is a sponge for knowledge. An avid animal rescuer, she has more than 100 animals at home including horses, cats, dogs, sheep, chickens, and more. She often picks out gifts for each customers order!


 Agnes - Shop Queen


 Agnes / Val / Dio / Boo / Yondu / Rocket / Starlord / Biggie Smalls / Roland / Cali / Molly / Bee / Meg and more!
My shop is like a giant doggie day care run by cats. Everyone gets to bring their dogs to the shop, including guests, and everyone goes home with a tired dog. 
All the dogs get along with everyone!


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   Any questions regarding order placement, order status, or any other general inquiry, the best way to get a hold of us is via email.

   As a small shop, we’re always busy! It may take us a few business days to get back to you, but we always do everything we can to address our customers quickly and in a timely manner. Thank you for your patience – trust us, it will be worth the wait!

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