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We build to YOUR Specifications!

We hand build every piece we offer when an order is placed, this is YOUR chance to be a furniture designer!! Just let us know the dimensions you need and we will customize our work to fit your space! Fill out the form below and include the following 5 items:

1 - Item to Customize: 

2 - Desired Height in Inches(in) or Millimeters(mm):

3 - Desired Width in Inches(in) or Millimeters(mm):

4 - Desired Depth in Inches(in) or Millimeters(mm):

5 - Any other notes about color preference, storage amount, or engraving! 


Shipping Estimates

We ship worldwide, and most of our pieces are large and heavy, leading to very complex shipping challenges. We know the struggle, and are more than happy to work with you to make it as painless as possible!! Let us know the following few details including:

1 - Item to Ship, along with the Quantity desired.

2 - Destination Address with as much detail as available.

3 - Desired Departure Timeframe, or when the item needs to be shipped out.

We will contact you with an estimate of any additional shipping charges that may be incurred to the best of our ability.



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